Hello to you who stumble upon this page. I’m Karla a book blogger running Reads and Thoughts and I happily wanted to read and review books.

If you are interested in requesting a review here are a few guidelines to the books I wanted to review for:

Paperbacks, EBooks or Audio books?

As much as possible, I’m open in accepting physical copies of books (paperback or hardback) for ARC’s or finished copies. 

*ARC’s will be prioritized.  Just please note that I’m an international blogger from Philippines. Shipping time is a bit long so please consider the shipping time for your request.

I also accept books in digital format (epub or kindle).

Preferred Genre’s

I gladly accept books from any genre and I’m really not particular to it as long as it captures and suits my interest. But mostly I do reviews for book that falls under these genres:

Young Adult / New Adult / Dystopian / Romance / Contemporary / A cross of between Adult and YA / Fantasy

I also accept book series but I don’t read them out of order. If you would like for me to do a review to a book series be sure to provide copies of the previous installments if it isn’t the first one.

What to expect from my reviews

Generally, I like to talk about the story and the different aspects of the story such as character and story development. Reviews are posted in Goodreads then here on my blog but if you need it posted anywhere else please do inform me and I will do so (Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other sites).

As much as possible, I like to write positive things about the books I read but I also point out little bits of stuffs that don’t sit well with me on my reading. In the case I didn’t like the book I read (which rarely happen) I still try my best to say things in a very gentle way – I’m not really a harsh reviewer.

Giveaways, Blog Tours, Interviews, Guest Posts or Features

I love joining blog tours and doing guest posts and interviews with authors.  I’m open to any of these just inform me beforehand on what I do need to post.

Posting of Reviews

There is no guarantee to when I’ll be posting my reviews but I try to write reviews as soon as I finished reading the book. If you want me to post a review on a certain date or time please tell me ahead of time so I could work it out of my schedule because sometimes life happens and schedules are crappy. 

Does these guidelines suits for you? You want me to review our book?

If you do,please shoot me an email at or do visit my contact page. I’m really looking forward in working with you all. 🙂


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