I’m Karla from the Philippines and owner of Reads and Thoughts . I’m a travel-agent by day and a bookworm by night (and also day).

I’m overly addicted to books – reading, sniffing, laughing and crying over them. I also read abnormally fast – when I’m really in the mood to it. An obsessive-compulsive at heart and  have a weakness for chocolate cakes and Popcorn.

I’m a hopeful romantic and a firm believer of happily-ever-afters.


I’m running this blog – Reads and Thoughts – for almost 4 years now but I took a year long hiatus due to schedule conflicts and business matters but now I’m finally back. 🙂

I decided to start this blog on my senior year at the university because I easily fell into the world of not only reading but also writing. I love books and I guess I feel that I need to spread this love more.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Hey Karla. 🙂 Thank you for following my blog. I love your about page, it made me chuckle. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who is completely weird around my books. And I love The Hunger Games too. 🙂

    • karlaamae says:

      Hello Becky! I suddenly felt shy about my About page, I never thought someone would spend time and mind reading it but thanks though. Well, its nice to know we’re both really weird around books. haha. I mean, we’re not that plenty right? Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and I hope to share book talks with you. 🙂

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