ARC Review: The End of Our Story by Meg Haston

Title: The End of Our Story

Author: Meg Haston

Published: 04 April 2017 | Harper Teen

Date Read: 13 April 2017


Meg Haston’s romantic and thrilling new YA novel explores a star-crossed high school relationship in a tale rife with deeply buried secrets and shocking revelations.

Bridge and Wil have been entangled in each other’s lives for years. Under the white-hot Florida sun, they went from kids daring each other to swim past the breakers to teenagers stealing kisses between classes. But when Bridge betrayed Wil during their junior year, she shattered his heart and their relationship along with it.

Then Wil’s family suffers a violent loss, and Bridge rushes back to Wil’s side. As they struggle to heal old wounds and start falling for each other all over again, Bridge and Wil discover just how much has changed in the past year. As the fierce current of tragedy threatens to pull them under, they must learn how to swim on their own—or risk drowning together.

*ARC Kindly provided by Harper Teen thru Edelweiss for review*

It’s been a day since I finished reading this book and still I’m having a hard time grasping for words on how to describe how I felt when I’m reading it and after reading it. I’m having a hard time right now choosing words and thoughts without spoiling anything. I’m happy, surprised, baffled and I don’t know. My thoughts and feels are everywhere. But one thing I’m certain about is I do enjoy reading The End of Our Story.

For some, breaking-up is the end. But for Bridge & Wil, it’s just the beginning.

Bridge & Wil has been best friends since they are young. Best friends whose feelings for each other turned into something more. They are solid: snack-dates, school dances and first kisses. It took them years to get to that point and it all vanished because of a very unwanted situation.

I like Bridge & Wil. Together and/or separately. Bridge is our female lead who’s very easy to read and like. She’s an open book. I like how she appreciates her mom, brother and best friend Leigh. Wil is our male lead with penchant for making boats. They are not perfect. They are your typical teenagers who make mistakes and learns from it.

“Tragedy is a powerful magnetic force. It either draws people in or pushes people away.”

A year after they parted ways, a tragedy hits Wil’s family. Bridge knows for certain that she needs to help Wil. Not knowing that in just 1 year that they are apart a lot  has changed.

Just when I thought the story would focus more on the break-up of our two main characters, I was proven wrong. The story focuses more on the familial and social aspects. What happened with Bridge & Wil was revealed on the early part of the story and after it was revealed, more thought-provoking & stay-in-your-seats scenes begins to happen.

The sudden turn of events got my heart racing so fast wanting the pages to turn faster to get to the end of it. Plus, there are literally a lot of emotional blows over the course of reading this book.

I don’t know the technical term to use but I really love how the story was written. I guess we can call it lyrical or just plain catchy? (please feel free to correct me here) Each word just flows. It took me half-day to finish reading this and it was one of the fastest reading I have done!

I also appreciate the alternating POV’s on each chapter as well as the alternating timeline. Though it may come quite confusing at times but it gives me as a reader a glimpse of the past which makes us understand the current happenings.

“I don’t think you have to understand every little corner of a person to love them, I think you can love them first, and you spend the time you have trying to learn the parts you don’t know.”

In all, The End of Our Story is a powerful and heartbreaking story about life realities, family, choosing who you really are and doing the “right” thing for the sake of you loved ones. The ending left me quite hanging but I guess that is the best way to end it because in that way we have enough space for possibilities on the future of Bridge & Wil.

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