ARC Review: #famous by Jilly Gagnon


Title: #famous

Author: Jilly Gagnon

Published: 14 February 2017 | Katherin Tegen Books

Date Read: 20 February 2017


In this modern-day love story, Girl likes Boy, Girl takes photo of Boy and posts it online, Boy becomes accidentally insta-famous. And what starts out as an innocent joke spirals into a whirlwind adventure that could change both their lives—and their hearts—forever. But are fame and love worth the price?

Told in alternating points of view, #famous captures the out-of-control thrill ride of falling for someone in front of everyone.


*ARC Kindly provided by Katherine Tegen Books thru Edelweiss for review*

#famous is just the book that you should pick up if you’re looking for a story that boasts a lot of cuteness and adorableness!

In our current world where social media is the “in” thing and being “internet famous” can be achieved in one picture and one post, this book feels so real, relevant and relatable.

I think #famous’ blurb says what mostly this book will be about:

Girl likes Boy, Girl takes photo of Boy and posts it online, Boy becomes accidentally insta-famous.

Being “internet famous” has been a thing for a while now. Pictures of random guys and girls usually went viral on the internet and that anonymous guy or girl suddenly become “internet famous”. Even here in my home country, Philippines – where social media usage was rampant – a lot of guys and girls gets attention because someone posted a picture or a video of them.

But the thing that made #famous’ plot line a bit different from what is happening with the real life is that instead of solely focusing on the guy on the picture that went viral, the story also reached out to the girl who took the picture. And together – Kyle and Rachel – started living the life of the so-called “#famous”

Told in alternating POV’s of Kyle and Rachel, we saw the complete picture on what is happening on in both of our main characters lives especially how the instant fame affects them both.

It’s easy to like Rachel. As Kyle said, she’s 100% herself all the time. Despite her being somewhat different – different looks, likes and social hierarchy – she stands out as her own character.

“If I’d learn anything from the past week, it was that other people could be cruel-needlessly cruel-for no reason at all.”

When the picture she has taken went viral, people starts to send her vicious and hurtful comments. Cyber-bullying is one of the problems we are facing today and Rachel has been a victim of it. Good thing she was in company of great parents and awesome best friend – Mo. Jilly Gagnon did a great job of creating a character with flaws but downright relatable.

Honestly, Kyle pissed me off more than a couple of time throughout the book but he still did capture my heart in the end. He’s naïve and had a hard time making up his mind on the first parts (okay even in the latter parts) of the book. But I’m thinking, he’s a teenager, right? He’s acting like how a teenager should. He got caught up with his fame at first but eventually managed it and soon enough realize how he may have hurt people (ahem Rachel) along the way.

“I know I’m pretty square, but I like weirdos, you know”

It started as a one-sided crush turned into friendship and blossomed into something more. The friendship and romance was slow-burn but worth reading and waiting for.

Overall, #famous was such a fun and adorable read. Very relevant to today’s “internet fame” thing. I really enjoyed how the author conveyed a lot of message about – internet fame, cyber bullying and just being yourself – on the pages of this book.

PS. I don’t think I’ll ever look at an order of French fries the same way again without remembering Kyle and Rachel’s story. *wink*




2 thoughts on “ARC Review: #famous by Jilly Gagnon

  1. Shealea says:

    I’ve been wanting to pick this one up for a while now! The premise is interesting and very modern. Wonderful review!

    As promised on Twitter, I’m hopping from blog to blog to leave these behind: 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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