Review: The Syrena Legacy Series by Anna Banks


Title: The Syrena Legacy Series (Of Poseidon, Of Triton & Of Neptune)

Author: Anna Banks

Published: 22 May 2012 | 28 May 2013 | 13 May 2014 / Square Fish

Date Read: 01 January 2017 | 06 January 2017 | 08 January 2017


Anna Banks’s Syrena Legacy is a romantic fantasy young adult trilogy that follows the love story of Emma and Galen. In Of Poseiden, Galen, the mermaid prince of the underwater kingdom of Syrena, travels to land in order to find a girl who is said to be able to communicate with fish. There he meets Emma, a girl who he has an immediate connection with and who may be the key to saving his kingdom. As the series continues, Emma finds that she has connections to the undersea world that put her at odds both with mermaids and with humans. With the help of Galen, she has to work to reconcile the two worlds in order to continue her life in peace.


I started the first week of 2017 by binge-reading The Syrena Legacy Trilogy of Anna Banks. In all honesty, this series is not the type that will give you the “Woah! Wtf happened” expression neither give you the “will-blow-your-mind-to-pieces” kind of thing but what I loved about The Syrena Legacy trilogy is how easy and fun it was to read.

Before I proceed with my review, just to share you a little side note (especially to my international friends), here in the Philippines mermaids in our native language are called ‘Sirena’ or ‘Sireno’ – Just spelled a little differently from the ‘Syrena’ right? Galen might be insulted but Mermaids and Sirena (Syrena) just have the same definitions here in the Philippines.

Anyway, on to the review…

In summary, The Syrena Legacy is about a normal teenage girl Emma who’s just trying to live her life as to what a normal teenager would do until she literally runs into Galen who is the prince of Syrena. From then and there, they continue to run into one another (not literally) and made discoveries that connects the two of them.

The first two books (Of Poseidon and Of Triton) was all about introductions to the two territories that made up The Syrena – Of Poseidon and Of Triton. I just flew into the first two books. It was so easy to read. And though there are complications and twists and turns along the way, it was all worked out in the end.

Now, the third book (Of Neptune) feels a bit unnecessary for me. Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate the additional story and the idea of a place where Emma finds her own kind (half-breed) got me intrigued but the whole set-up feels kind of forced.

The storyline is interesting but pretty much cliché and typical. What I really appreciate is that inside this whole story there are a lot of sub-plots to look out for (eg. Grom and Nalia, Toraf and Rayna’s stories). I also enjoyed the author’s way of giving humor and entertainment to the story because honestly it makes the reading much more fun.

The only reservation I have with the storyline was how Emma can hold her breathe and talk underwater at the same time? Uhm, I’m kind of trying to do it now and it’s not working for me?

The world building was good because as a reader I was given a very good picture of how the world of Syrena functions – from their laws, legends and stories –  and how the two different territories differ from one another. The phase of the story was quick and never dull.

I believe that the characters really played very good roles on this series. Emma is the human (or so she thought) character who is feisty, hot-tempered and independent. Galen is a Syrena and a Royal. He’s hot and fun and hot. Should I say more? *wink* Well, he’s kind of naïve on how human life works but I find him as a sweetheart. Add in to these two are the other Syrena’s Rayna and Toraf whose interactions and banters gives a little more spice to the story and I really enjoyed how their own story progress.

A slew of characters was also introduced along the way and each one of them played a good role to the story and basically completes the whole world of the story.

I will surely miss the crazy gang that I met on this series. I really enjoyed the characters, backstories, mysteries, legends and of course the love story. And will recommend this to readers who are fond of YA-Fantasy, legends, myths and mermaids



4 thoughts on “Review: The Syrena Legacy Series by Anna Banks

  1. Anna - Reader and Proud says:

    I had this in my TBR since I saw it was coming out but didn’t gave it much thought; maybe now I’ll add it in between reads, as you say it’s such a fun and easy to read. Sometimes you just need that.
    In Spanish we have the same word for “mermaid” and “syren”, and it’s also “sirena”. I liked learning that it’s the same in the Philippines 🙂 I’ve always liked mermaids and syrens so I would like to read more books on them 😊
    I imagine what you say about Emma holding her breath and talking underwater at the same time may have something to do with her being different? Just a guess since I haven’t read this, obviously, but maybe in the books it’s explained in a way that it’s not possible? 🤔
    I get why Galen is naïve about humans, so I would probably find that sweet instead of annoying. And yay for sub-plots, it’s always a nice touch because our main characters are NOT the only characters.
    Glad you liked it, and you read them so fast!! I still have not read anything by Anna Banks, as I’ve told you, but want to read a lot of her books 🙂 I hope you enjoy Joyride ❤️

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