Hey, It’s me. I’m back. (v.2)

Hello everyone! In just a couple of hours Christmas will be celebrated here in the Philippines. While waiting for Christmas Dinner, I had the sudden urge to remake this post and OFFICIALLY make my come back to blogging.

I have originally posted this “It’s Me. I’m back” thing last October but unfortunately, I was not able to go through with the comeback that I planned to do – work and life happened. But for the past couple of weeks now, I’ve been working so hard in planning a comeback to blogging next year. I’ve been researching reading challenges to join, new posts to make and of course new books to read.

Reading and Blogging are two of the things I loved most to do and I’m just really excited to get back to both.

So, what happened ?

The almost 5 months of hiatus that happened was actually unplanned. I enjoyed blogging so much that I was able to squeeze in time to update and do posts since I got back at the start of 2016. But unexpected things happen.

Basically, the reason for my unplanned hiatus can be summed up with ADULTING, TRAVEL and ROMANCE NOVELS.

Work almost ate me up alive (It’s still trying to eat me up alive but I’m getting a hold of it. lol. ). I don’t know why but July-November is supposed to be our low-season for work but the exact opposite happened. We received a lot of inquiries and bookings the past few months thus need to overtime at work and such. I’m not complaining guys, I’m happy coz this means business is booming and the company I work for is doing good but I need a little break. You know what I mean?

Add in that fact that I commute to and from work and it’s no joke. The traffic is pretty bad and it’s just tiring that all I wanted to do when weekend comes is to rest and sleep. Thus, it left me no time to blog and do updates.

I travel. Though the first travel is for work I made the most out of it ‘coz it’s not everyday you’ll be given the chance to visit Canada. Yep! I went to Canada last August (though I was not able to see Justin Trudeau which I know is sad.)

My trip to Canada has been supremely awesome! I enjoyed Vancouver, Kamloops, Banff and Calgary so much that I wanted to get right back. I loved the people, the weather and the FOOD. (PS. POUTINE & TIM HORTONS IS LIFE.)

(Several photos from my Canadian Trip *wink*)

I did travel again just last month. I went on a domestic trip with my friends to the beautiful island of Boracay here in the Philippines.I finally had the chance to cash-in my long-awaited break.

Though It’s September aka monsoon season here in the Philippines, it did not stop us from going to the beach.

(Several photos from my Boracay*wink*)

ROMANCE READ OVERLOAD. Reading romance novels has long been my guilty pleasure.Thus, when work stresses me, I tend to read a LOT of romance. For the almost  5 months of hiatus, I actually read a LOT of romance novels. Goes to show just how I need distressing. LOL.

Sometimes, you just need a read that won’t make you think hard about the twist and who’s the villain and such. I craved for stories with sweet kisses and just romance. No riddles and twists or whatsoever.

As of now, I could say that I’m finally back to my normal self as the year starts to close. Though work stress is still there it’s now somehow manageable. I was able to fix schedules and prioritize stuffs.

My planned travels for this year is done and I’m greatly happy with all the travelling that I did this year. It’s also nice to see new places, meet new people and learn culture.

I’m excited to get back to normal reading. There are a lot of awesome books released past couple of months and for the upcoming year which I’m so excited to dive into. I’m gonna take a short break from my Romance Novel marathon and jump into other readings.

 So, that’s it guys. I’m finally back and I’m really excited to talk again with all of you. I have several posts  lined up for the coming days that I’m also excited to share with all of you. Don’t hesitate to hit me up with questions or comments.

I would love for you to share awesome things that happened to you for the past few months as well. Care to share?

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