Bookish Events : Book Signing Tour – Jennifer Niven in PH

Please calm my fluttering heart coz I’m still so not over this event. ♥ Last 29 May, I was able to attend another Bookish Event Hosted by National Bookstore – Jennifer Niven Live in PH.

Since the announcement of this event was made, me and my friends are already flailing with excitement because aside from the chance of meeting the beautiful Jennifer Niven, we were able to see each other again. Book Signing also serves as “mini-reunions” for me and my other bookish friends. 😛

As usual for book signings here in Manila, in order for you to have the best signing pass number for  the event you need to arrive early for the queue. Me and my friends arrived at the venue at 07:30 am and lined up until past 09:00 am where we finally got our numbers – 226,227 and 229 respectively.

While waiting for the event proper to start at around 02:00 pm, we decided to check out nearby bookstores, have lunch and have coffee. And we actually got too involved with all our stories while having coffee that we actually forgot we have to go back to the event’s place. LOL.

And when we get back to the event’s place, this is what welcomed us back..

*Credits to the photo owner from Twitter*

WOAH. LITERALLY A SEA OF PEOPLE. When we got back on the event’s place, the interview is actually reaching its end. I know, that’s such a huge fail on my end. *face palm*Not long after the interview ended, they started calling numbers for the book signing. Yay!

It still took us more than an hour of waiting and more stories with my friends before our numbers were called and here are some pics while we’re queuing up to meet Jennifer..



(PS. Kudos to my friend Camille for taking these paparazzi shots of Me, Jo and Eme.. lol.)

And finally meeting her…

As per normal me, I find myself at lost for words when I’m already in front of her. The only thing I was able to utter is “Thank you for making this day brighter. I so love your book. By the way, I love your iphone case, where did you get it?” 

Legit guys, I asked Jennifer Niven about her iphone case! I shared this with my friends and they all ended up finding me hilariously random. Haha. As if they don’t know that yet. What’s wrong? I’m curious because it’s cute. (check out her twitter and see for your self). Jennifer generously shared that her fiance got it for her online so there’s that. Maybe there’s one in  society 6 or red bubble.

Jennifer is one of the most adorable authors I met, Her aura is so bright all throughout the event which makes the long queue and wait bearable.

After signing the books, the people of National Bookstore are handing out samplers of Niven’s upcoming novel – Holding Up The Universe, I’m legit excited for it.

Again, endless thanks to National Bookstore for organizing another fun author event here in the Philippines. You guys are awesome. *wink*

You, have you attended any bookish events this weekend? How was it? 


4 thoughts on “Bookish Events : Book Signing Tour – Jennifer Niven in PH

  1. Aila @ One Way Or An Author says:

    This seemed like such a fun and delightful author event! AND WOWZAAAAS, THAT CROWD UP PEOPLE THOUGH. It must have been wild!

    Jennifer seems like such a sweet author and I really can’t wait for her next release! So… what was the verdict on her phone case? 😉 hehe

    • Karlaamae - Reads and Thoughts says:

      Hi Aila, that’s the usual crowd of people at every book signing here in the Philippines. It is wild but sooooo much fun! ❤️

      Her fiance actually got the case for her somewhere online. But I think its custom made coz I can’t actually find it anywhere. lol. 😋

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