ARC Review : The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Title: The Unexpected Everything

Author: Morgan Matson

Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 203 May 2016 arch 2016

Date Read: 10 January 2016

Rating: 4/5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From Morgan Matson, the bestselling author of Since You’ve Been Gone comes a feel-good story of friendship, finding yourself, and all the joys in life that happen while you’re busy making other plans.

Andie has a plan. And she always sticks to her plan.

Future? A top-tier medical school.
Dad? Avoid him as much as possible (which isn’t that hard considering he’s a Congressman and he’s never around).
Friends? Palmer, Bri, and Toby—pretty much the most awesome people on the planet, who needs anyone else?
Relationships? No one’s worth more than three weeks.

So it’s no surprise that Andie’s got her summer all planned out too.

Until a political scandal costs Andie her summer pre-med internship, and lands both she and Dad back in the same house together for the first time in years. Suddenly she’s doing things that aren’t Andie at all—working as a dog walker, doing an epic scavenger hunt with her dad, and maybe, just maybe, letting the super cute Clark get closer than she expected. Palmer, Bri, and Toby tell her to embrace all the chaos, but can she really let go of her control?



*ARC kindly provided by Simon & Schuster Books thru Edelweiss for review*

I love contemporaries and I especially love Morgan Matson contemporaries!!

This book totally lived up to its title. Everything is Unexpected!


Unexpected Everything is a story about the summer of a girl who thinks she has everything in order but then everything changes and not accordingly to her plans.

“How were we ever going to get through this summer?”

Andie (short for Alexandra) is the daughter of Alexander Walker – member of the US Congress. Now, a scandal has arisen and it is rumored that Andie‘s father is a part of it. A change on their household of two will be made.

While Andie is ecstatic to join the “Young Scholars Program” for the summer her father will be at home taking a break from office, until she received a news that also left her unoccupied for the summer – no more “Young Scholars Program”, no plans, nothing to do.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Looking for a summer job was hard and looking for it on a very last notice was so much harder. Andie is quite in deep need of a summer job and it seems that the only job available on a short notice was a dog-walking job (which explains all those cute dogs on the cover. Squeeee!!) Though hesitant at first we can see how Andie begins to enjoy walking the dogs and carrying them all around.

And with this dog-walking job she met Clark Mcallister. The cute and awkward guy who can’t seem to hold properly the leash of the HUGE dag he was walking. He has a quite weird but unique personality and has quite a collection of fandom shirt. It was so easy to like Clark, he’s just who he is and you can easily see that talking to him will no doubt be so enjoyable. When we get to know this guy more, the inscriptions on the beginning of several chapters will make sense.

The first encounter of Andie and Clark was awkward. Even their first date was awkward so we can definitely see that no insta-love happened but then instant “cute-guy/girl-alert” did happen here. 😉

The friendship that this book has was a blast. I totally enjoyed the friendship between Andie, Palmer, Toby and Bri. Palmer is the easy-going one who loves to grab any opportunity for road-trip. Bri is much closer to Toby that’s why they are often referred to as TO-BRI and Toby is the hopelessly romantic of them all – she wanted her happily ever after and last minute chase to the airport and declaration of love.

Their yearly summer bonding which is a scavenger hunt around their gated community looks really fun to play. And I’m actually looking forward for it throughout the book. But who know‘s that that summer bonding which is supposed to be the climax of fun of their summer will become the downiest day for them?

Though I did understand how Andie handled the situation at hand I can’t help but still feel wary about it. Friendship may really come as sensitive no matter how long you have known each other but at the end it’s nice the friendship that rules out and that ‘s what I really love about Morgan Matson’s books. It’s all about the friendships despite all the obstacles.

Of course, I won’t forget the familial side of the story. From the beginning, I saw the distance between Andie and her father. Though I know they love each other, this was blocked up by their own issues. Who they are showing in public as father and daughter is so much different on behind closed doors. Since losing her mom, Andie and her dad fixed their problems on their own. No sharing. That’s just the way it has been for them.

But with her father being at home for the summer it took quite awhile for them to get used on this new arrangement and I totally loved how her dad took more time in getting to know Andie and just being present on her daily life.

Oh and I’m quite surprised that her father’s issue was not really that hard as well. I was expecting something nationwide controversial – cheating and killing – or something drastic like that but it was just a small mishap or rumor after all.

“Have adventures. Go exploring. Drive around at midnight. Feel the wind running through your hair. Life is so short, my darling. And there’s no day like today.”

In a short span of time, Andie has been through a lot. And as the saying further above this review says “Life begins at the end of you comfort zone.” I love that not only Andie was able to find herself; the other characters – her dad, Clark, Toby and Bri – were able to find their selves and all learned in the process.

This is such a pretty entertaining and feel good read with a good storyline, good friendships, self discovery, awesome characters and cute dogs.

6 thoughts on “ARC Review : The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

  1. The Writing Duo says:

    I’ve surprisingly never read a Morgan Matson book. I KNOW. Sarena has, and she really enjoyed it (it was SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE). I’m actually pretty pumped for this one, though, even though I’m not a huge contemporary fan. Your review definitely intrigues me. I want to find out what this Morgan Matson craze is all about, aha.

    Great post!
    Sasha @ The Writing Duo

    • Karlaamae - Reads and Thoughts says:

      Thank you so much Sasha. ♥ We need to remedy that immediately! Yay! Morgan Matson specializes in cute contemporary novels. I suggest you start with her first one, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. 😉

      Lemme know when you get to read one of her works and let’s chat about it, Yes?

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