Hello, It’s me. I’m back.

Hi friends! It’s me, Karla – Reads and Thoughts and I’m finally finally back.

*breathes in air* I miss this environment and all you people.

It’s been a year or so since I took a hiatus since schedule conflicts and business matters happened. I just started on a new working environment back then and I did had a hard time juggling work-reading-blogging-family time all at the same time and decided that a hiatus in book-blogging is just the right thing to do.

A few months ago, I realized that while I didn’t stop reading, I missed writing. I missed giving a detailed experience on a certain book I have read and I certainly miss the whole blogging community. Thus, this is me making a comeback because now I think I quite got a hold of things – schedules and matter wise – and I will now be able to get back into blogging again.


On this comeback, I came up with three resolutions that I will do my best to live by.

These are actually inspired by the other posts I saw on the thread #Back2BasicsBlogging on twitter.

  • Read more backlist titles. I know there a LOT of awesome releases for this coming year, but I shall do my best to read more backlist titles since a lot of them are also so good and they are just collecting dust on my shelf.
  • Get in touch with more bloggers – comment more. I’m actually more of a liker than a commentator. I just feel lost at words. Maybe I’m just more talkative in person than on virtual world but this time, I will do my best to get in touch more with co-book bloggers. I have actually joined Commenting 365 Challenge hosted by Nori of Read Write Love. You can still sign up here and join us.
  • Just do blogging things at my own phase. NO PRESSURE. I don’t need to post everyday and post anything about a certain read. I don’t need to join all reading challenges and blog tours. I’ll just do what I can on my own phase. No worries at all. I will do my best to just focus on what I love – reading and writing reviews.

 So, that’s it. I’m just so excited to be back and I’m really really excited to get to know you all once again.

You, do you have any blogging resolutions for this coming year?

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