Hiatus No More!

Hello people of the book blogging world!

It’s been over a month since I posted a decent book review and has been in the loop with latest ins and out of the book blogging world and now I’m finally back! Yehey!!


Well, I actually found a new work place and I have spent the past month adjusting to the new environment and people. The new place and the people there were awesome and  I’m definitely excited.

Time Management has not been very friendly to me for the past month. I  still find myself struggling with time itself and putting priorities on things. Yes, I do still find the time to read (of course) and browse Goodreads & Twitter for news about stuffs, but the mojo and inspiration to put my thoughts into words after reading was just not there, but finally <b>finally</b> that mojo suddenly came back and I’m once again back.

I just want to give a shout out to the people who still visited my blog page despite the posts being outdated. The posts for the past month can be counted in a single hand but Reads and Thoughts’ page views are still moving and active and I thank you fellow readers for that.

Oh and I just want to give a little disclaimer for you all, I have fifteen (15) pending book reviews to write, so please behold for the spam of book reviews that will come for the next two days. Hihi.

Ending this, I will do my utmost best to write reviews from time to time and hopefully, I’ll get to master the art of time management. *wink*

Thanks guys and much love!

Mwa. ♥


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