Series Review: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (Books 1-3)

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Title:  Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) | Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2) | Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)
Author: Veronica Rossi
Published: February 7th 2012 | January 8th 2013 | February 28th 2014
Date Read: January 30 th 2014 | January 31st 2014 | January 31st 2014
Rating: 3 stars | 3 stars | 4 stars


I finally get to the Perry and Aria train! I know, I’m pretty much late about this series, but hey as the saying goes “It’s never too late to try” right? Actually, I already have the copy of the first two books for quite some time now but for some uncertain reason, I didn’t get the chance to read them and since the release for the third book is just right around the corner, I decided to just wait for it before reading the whole series, and Oh Boy! It was one adrenaline punching, exciting and heart wrenching journey. From the first book to the last one, I find myself gripping to every page!

Under The Never Sky gave us an introduction to a Dystopian world that is divided into two: The Pod-Dwelling Ones and the Outsiders.

The Pod-Dwelling World is the ones dominated by science; where everything should be done with purpose and perfectly. People see the world thru their ‘smart eyes’ where they can enter the Realms and experience anything and every thing that they can think of. The Outsiders world is the one of the Native kind – there is no technology for they are ruled by their instincts. They are divided into tribes where a Blood Lord Rules.

Yes, I did struggle with the world building introduction. I get lost with all those unknown words and I can’t seem to imagine what was described on the book, fortunately as the story progress, I eventually get used to it and my imagination starts to kick in and with that I can’t help but be amazed on how creative it all was. I could say that the world building was perfect.

One Mistake can lead to devastation. When these worlds collide, what would happen?

Aria is one of the dwellers; A daughter of a famous geneticist of their world. With her curiosity to her other whereabouts and with the careless mistake that she and her friends have committed, her world suddenly changed – she was thrown to the world of the Outsiders.

Peregrine aka Perry is what the Dweller call Outsider or a Savage. With his impending fight with his Blood Lord Brother and he losing his nephew Talon. He set his mind into finding him – coincidentally he was taken by Aria’s people.

They are thrown together unexpectedly but they need each other. Aria needs answers and needed to find her mother while Perry need to find his nephew Despite their differences, these two find things in common through the hurdles and dangers that they encounter. I just can’t help but love Perry and Aria together. They hated each other from the very beginning but I know that those kinds of couples are the one that stays strong through and through. Aria and Perry are very vulnerable yet strong characters.

Additional characters like Roar (wink), Vale, Cinder, Talon and the whole tribe of Tides gave the story a stronger feel to it.

Just on the first book and I’m already gripping the book and anticipating for what would happen next. Some issues are settled here, there is no cliffhanger but the author still leaves a space of wonder for us readers to what would happen next. It was a very good opening for me which gets me excited into reading the next book…

Through The Ever Night picks up right where the first book ends and courses through Aria and Perry’s individual journey. Yes, individual for majority of their time was spent away from one another – having space. Seriously, their time spent apart gave a huge growth for the both of them.

Aria – from a shy and unconfident dweller turned to be one of the most capable and independent Aud on their worlds. Perry’s journey to becoming the Blood Lord of his tribe was also shown.

From the first time I saw Roar, I felt instant connection; I like they guy and his cockiness and smart and his dedication to Liv. I’m excited for them to be reunited but when that time came I almost wish that they didn’t see each other once again because on the latter part of this second book, something happened concerning these too.

The second book has a darker feel to it because there is loss, betrayal, separation, additional secrets, enmity and conflict throughout the story.

Into The Still Blue the final installment to the series. It seems like my journey of this world is coming too fast. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I know that this will have a very fitting ending but what I don’t expect is the journey before all that.

The world building and introduction of the Still Blue amazes me. Also, a lot of the small thoughts and questions lingering on my mind during the first two books were answered here. Aria was he’s fiercer, bolder and stronger same as Perry. We lost a lot of character throughout the journey but a lot also show commendable dedication. I’m already feeling nostalgic for all of them.

As a conclusion, I could say that Into The Still Blue marked it. It was solid and satisfying. The Under The Never Sky Series was jam-packed I love Rossi’s writing and world building and every installment to the series never disappoints – it was full of adrenaline pumping scenes and bad-assery. It was a series worth reading!!


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