Review: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

331920Title:  Flipped
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
Published: May 13th 2003
Date Read: January 22nd 2014
Rating: 5 stars

Flipped is a romance told in two voices. The first time Juli Baker saw Bryce Loski, she flipped. The first time Bryce saw Juli, he ran. That’s pretty much the pattern for these two neighbors until the eighth grade, when, just as Juli is realizing Bryce isn’t as wonderful as she thought, Bryce is starting to see that Juli is pretty amazing. How these two teens manage to see beyond the surface of things and come together makes for a comic and poignant romance.



Yay! My first 5 star rating for 2014!
Flipped just totally got me flipped.

I’m still at lost on how cute and adorable this book is. I’m still clutching the book right now, squeezing it (gently) because the story inside was just too cute and adorable and amazing and fun to read. Ugh

The story was told in alternating perspective of Bryce and Juli. Most of their thoughts overlap with one another but it doesn’t feel repetitive because each of them has their own take on the situation and reading their thoughts are too enjoying. I honestly enjoyed reading on both their point of views.

“She didn’t just barged into my life. She barged and shoved and wedged her way into my life.She’s got no concept of personal space. No respect for privacy. The world is her playground.”

I couldn’t agree more with Bryce’s description of Julianna Baker – the kid is really relentless, loud and may come off as annoying especially with Bryce being new in town and he’s a boy. But when I have read the story through Julianna’s eyes, another world opened up and I came to realize that there is a reason behind her determined personality. I also discovered that she’s smart and thoughtful.From right then and there, during the first two chapters of this book, I totally got hooked and flipped.

Juli’s family were awesome. Her dad and his paintings, her brothers and their music and her mom. Bryce’s dad Chet was also a lovely addition to the story.

The romance or should I say young love part of the story was just adorable. It brought me back to the first time I ever had a crush, when there is this itchy excitement inside you. Honestly, I’m waiting for Bryce and Juliana to just agree to disagree because its too obvious they like each other but they didn’t, they kept it and it was just so cute. Despite the simplicity of the romance part, I think this one is more real than most of the romance stories that are released out there. Bryce and Julianna’s romance is young and raw and real.

This book also made me attached not only to its characters but to other unusual thing, like eggs, chicken and that damn Sycamore Tree. I don’t think I ever shed a tear or two and feel to attached to chickens and a tree. How weird is that?? The way the author told the story is that powerful for me to get too attached to those things.

Speaking of chicken/chicks, the cover doesn’t do any justice for the beauty of this book. I just wished they have conceptualized a more appealing cover. Anyway, as for the ending, well I was really craving for more because guess what, Bryce still holds Juli’s first kiss. lol. Kidding aside, I’m really left wanting for more with the way it ended but when really thinking about it, there is no better way to end it as that way. It’s up to the readers to imagine how these two continued with their life.

The depth within the simplicity and wholesomeness of this book is pretty stellar. For such a short book, I enjoyed and savored every moment of it. From Juli to Bryce to the Sycamore Tree to those cutie chickens, I love everything about Flipped! I love the transition of one moment being all funny then sweet things happen and serious events and back to happiness. I love every transition.

In all, Flipped is really a heartwarming story about growing up and the cuteness and wholesomeness of young love. A highly recommended read.

PS. I’m now off to watch the movie. Yipee!


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