Review: Believe: A Wanted Christmas (Wanted, #3.5) by Kelly Elliott

18802009Title:  Believe: A Wanted Christmas (Wanted, #3.5)
Author: Kelly Elliott
Published: December 18th 2013
Date Read: January 24th 2014
Rating: 2 stars

***SIDE NOTE*** This is a Novella in the Wanted series. It doesn’t have to be read before the fourth and last book Cherished, but somethings in Cherished will make a bit more sense if you read the novella but it is NOT necessary to read the Novella before you read Cherished. Time wise…the Novella is in-between both books.****

Brad and Amanda are finally living the life they dreamed for themselves. However, Brad still carries the guilt from missing out on Amanda’s first pregnancy with their daughter, Maegan, and has been unable to forgive himself. The ultimate blessing to right the memories of his past is given to him when they learn they are pregnant again. Another baby means a second chance for Brad to try and forgive himself for the pain he caused the woman he loves and to show her how much she means to him.

Will this Christmas bring the healing that Brad needs to move on and let go of the guilt? Or will an unexpected visit from his parents cause a rift in his family?

Christmas is a time for love, healing, miracles, and second chances. There is only one thing Brad needs this Christmas, and that is to just….

18+ Contains adult language and content

Believe is a novella in the Wanted series. This is from Brad and Amanda’s point of view and gives us a little glimpse into their world.



Okay, so before I started reading this, I honestly can’t remember who Amanda and Brad are! I know, it’s funny but my mind can’t seem to remember them and its not until I did some of my own digging that I had that Eureka! moment on who these two are. Amanda and Brad is the first two that got married during the first book [book:Wanted|16152943]. You guys still remember that? There is a wedding scene there somewhere.

So off to Brad and Amanda’s novella; I think it was a brilliant idea to simply give these two a novella and not a complete story. It’s not that I don’t want them to have their own full-length story, its just that we have already seen a lot of glimpses of their life throughout the course of this series – the happy beginning and the rough roads to the happy ending – and I guess that’s enough. This novella was a great treat for us readers of this series because we at least get to see how they are before their happy ending.

Brad is still having a rough time getting over the guilt because of what he has done to Amanda and missing out during her first pregnancy but Amanda’s wonderful spirit helped him heal. It’s apparent that they love each other dearly. They’re another perfect couple on this series.

It was a short and okay read. It was achingly sweet tough but still manageable. It was an okay read.


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